Friday, 19 April 2013


This an interview with Lamboginny by an entertainment magazine:

Afro Hip Hop /Dancehall Artist and also Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) national Ambassador “Olayinka Lawanson” popularly referred to as Lamboginny has disclosed in an exclusive interview that he could wash his girlfriend’s under wears if its need arises.

The Gbaladun hitmaker in the interview with one of the entertainment magazine was quoted saying ‘I am not part of the African men that can't wash his girlfriend or wife's under wear (pant & bra), if you could give your lover or wife a head, then why can’t you wash her pants and bras?" Abeg... majority of us are drycleaners with our mouth already (smiles).

The Anti-crime ambassador “Lamboginny” when asked if he gives his girlfriend a head continued by saying ‘There is no place like home! We all came from there and if giving my girlfriend or wife a head will save my family or home from collapsing, I go give her heads without hesitation.. She's my better half and I'm not ashamed to do it or say it.

Lamboginny who recently shot the video to his sophomore single “Gbaladun” featuring Olamide , rapped it all up by advising the youths and parents to give it all their best at saving their families from braking and giving their children the best of both formal and informal education.

“We owe our children the best and there is no way they could grow up with the best when their parents live separately. We need to give it our best at keeping our homes and securing good tie with our partners. Hence training the children and giving them the deserved formal and informal education.

On the other hand, the Sax Records signed artiste “ Lamboginny” as an NDLEA Ambassador alongside Stella Damasus in collaboration with NDLEA is planning a WALK AGAINST DRUG ABUSE in Lagos, Nigeria come June 2013.

Let us all be prepared to walk and save a life says Lamboginny.


  1. why not? if not? I like the fact that he is an ambassador for anti-crime. Nigeria needs such youth idols.

  2. So help him God!